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Search Engine Optimized Web Copywriting

We're excited to offer a new service to our new and existing clients:  search engine optimized web copywriting.  In the hands of a internet professional, web copyrwriting provides small businesses with a serious advantage over their competition.  With search engine optimized web copywriting, people in your community find your website when they use search engines like Google.  In this fast paced business world, most consumers conduct online research before buying local products and services, so it is more important than ever that you have a strong internet presence.

How It Works

Search engine optimized web copywriting helps your website to be found by people in your community searching on the internet for your business's services and products.  In essence, the content on your website must perform two jobs:  attract consumers who use keywords to find your business site AND attract the actual search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) that they utilize to conduct their search.  Generally, search engines index your website's pages using keywords, then try to match those keywords with the phrases your consumers are using to conduct their research.  Good web copywriting is indexed by the search engines and found by the consumers.

Balance is Key

The content of your website should be balanced so that it appeals to your consumers but is still appropriately indexed by the search engines.  Your website is a reflection of your business and often the first impression provided to the consumer.  It needs to be professional, informative, and easy to navigate.  When the public views your website, you want it to educate them about your products and services and then persuade them to purchase.  However, if your web copy fails to utilize the words and phrases that most of your consumers use in search engines, then no one will find your site.  On the other hand, if you focus too much on search engine keywords, then your website will not be appealing to the average person.  Though they may make it to your site, they will quickly click away and move on to your competition.


At 3rd Dimension Design, we know how to professionally balance your website so that the content is easy to read and informative to your consumers, but also indexed by the various search engines.  Thus, they will be able to both reach your website and appreciate its educational and persuasive information.

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