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Server Building and Administration

Machines Built to Endure

If you business is considering purchasing a server, consult with us first before you purchase. We can help analyze your needs and build a custom server that will help your business and not break your budget. We have helped previous clients replace $100,000 + Server systems that took thousands to maintain with a newer rackmount server that runs 100 times faster, more stable, and doesn't require the vast amount of cooling equipment required to run their older servers. We did all of that with a budget under $10,000.

 Not only can we help you purchase a great server for your business, but we can get it up and running for you. We advise our clients to run Free BSD, Apache and MYSQL Databases, for their stability and online support. This also alleviates costly fees that can come bundled with Microsoft products.

 We can provide offsite monitoring and maintenance for any system we build (not that you will need it)

 3rd Dimension Design can help you get that network up and running without an army of network administrators.

Server Maintenance

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